What is the difference between the PAC and the Conduit?

Wisconsin Hospitals PAC & Conduit
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What is the Wisconsin Hospitals Conduit?

By far the most popular method of contributing, a conduit is another vehicle through which individuals can make voluntary political contributions. Consider it your own mini-political checking account. It is popular because unlike a PAC, individuals who contribute to a conduit account retain control over which candidates receive those dollars. Once an individual has money in his/her conduit account, the individual can then contribute those dollars to candidates and committees of his/her choice.

It’s important when making a contribution to the conduit fund to provide us with a personal email address and phone number so that we may contact you regarding opportunities where you may want to release your funds.

You can contribute to these funds in one of three ways:

What is the Wisconsin Hospitals PAC?

A PAC is a fund to which individuals can make voluntary political contributions. Contributions to a PAC are pooled together to support the campaigns of state and local candidates who understand Wisconsin hospitals. The Wisconsin Hospitals PAC gives to both Democrats and Republicans. Wisconsin Hospitals PAC dollars can also be used to fund positive newspaper ads about candidates and other similar efforts.

  • To contribute by phone or for questions, please contact:
    • Kari Hofer, Vice President/Advocacy, Wisconsin Hospital Association, at 608-268-1816 or khofer@wha.org
    • Nora Statsick, political affairs consultant at 608-239-4535 or nstatsick@wha.org